Pixometry is an automation platform for companies that operate a team of professional image retouchers. Think media companies (newspapers & magazines) and retail businesses specifically. The platform automates colour correction, tonal correction, cutouts, automatic key-wording and much more and prepares images for use in printed and digital media. Customers benefit from reduced costs, quick turn-around times, high quality results and consistency.

At it's core is automatic image enhancement. Thanks to our unique image analysis every image gets what it needs, offering consistency and high quality results that you just won't get from any other solution. 

The platform can accommodate the most challenging workflows. The world's largest and most renowned publishing houses and retail companies rely on Pixometry for their daily high volume imaging work. 

Based on image analysis, Pixometry is able to identify “problem images” automatically. Pixometry works with hot-folder based workflows (channels). Pixometry can produce images for various print processes as well as for web and tablet publishing.

Pixometry offers 3 kinds of workflows:

  • Automatic (from input to output folder, no human intervention)

  • Semi automatic (problem images are recognised and send to a (group of) Photoshop operator(s) for approval

  • Pre-toning (all images are enhanced and then send to a (group of) Photoshop operator(s) for approval and/or further tweaking.)

The Photoshop operators use a Pixometry client application, the Photoshop Inspector. The images remain in the Pixometry workflow throughout. Another client application is the Indesign plugin (Windows only). The Indesign plugin allows designers to submit images from within their Indesign documents to Pixometry for processing. Since the size and crop-frame of images in the document are known, Pixometry can resample, optionally crop, enhance and color-convert images before updating them in the Indesign document.

Note: Please take a look at example images here