Image node tag definitions (the only mandatory node!!)

A formal description of all available tags in the XML job ticket Image node. If the default value for a tag is “channel value”, this means that if the tag is not in the jobticket, the value is taken from the channel that processes the jobticket. If the tag is in the jobticket, the value of it overwrites the channel setting.

PathName (type:String, range:n/a, default:n/a)

The full path to the file to process. File needs to be accessible for Pixometry using this path. This tag is the only mandatory tag in an XML jobticket. The path may be represented as a url. This can be used with Amazon S3 volumes for instance.

ProcessChannel (type:string, value:n/a, default:””)

Use this tag to specify by which channel the file should be processed, and then use the generic input folder for job tickets. The generic folder can be specified in the Pixometry user-interface. The alternative is to leave this tag out and copy the job ticket directly to a hotfolder of an existing channel.