The user interface is devided in 3 main parts. The upper part of the UI has the standard search box on the left. There are several search options located on the right side of the search box. More on searching here. 

In the upper right side of the UI, there are icons to print assets, rotate images left and right, email assets, up- and download assets, and open assets in their associated applications. 

In the middle part of the UI the search results are shown. Below the thumbnails there are options to browse through the results and change the view: 

With the slider you can change the size of the thumbnails. 

With this slider you can browse through the pages of search results. In this example, there are 24 pages of search results, and you are currently on page 4. You can drag the knob, click into the dark gray area of the bar or use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to browse through the pages. 

With these options you can select different views. The lighter gray one is the one that is currently selected. The views allow you to choose views with less thumbnails and more metadata or vice versa.