What is Photoshop Inspector

Pixometry is a server solution. Photoshop Inspector is a client application of Pixometry that can be used on workstations with Adobe Photoshop. It allows to view (and retouch) original and processed images (processed on the Pixometry server) side-by-side in Photoshop.

Photoshop Inspector is used to confirm the result of images enhanced on the Pixometry server. The retoucher can confirm the processed image, sending it back to the Pixometry server in order for the workflow to be completed. Before confirming it, he can use Photoshop tools to further tweak the processed image. He can also decide to choose the original image, retouch that image manually in Photoshop, and then choose to send the (retouched version of) the original back to the Pixometry server to complete the workflow.

The use of Photoshop Inspector in workflows is optional. Check the Workflow settings to see how to setup a workflow that includes the use of Inspector.