Main navigation buttons

Description of the main navigation buttons at the upper right part of the Pixometry user-interface.

Going from left to right:

Button 1: this takes you to the channels and workflows view. Here you can view, edit, create, copy, export and import channels and workflows. A channel is a set of settings for image processing in the cloud. You might have channels that prepare images for different uses such as for web and social media or different kind of printing processes like news print or coated paper. A workflow is a set of local input, output and error folders that you connect to a channel. 

Button 2: This button takes you to the system settings, statistics and logging pages. If the button blinks red, errors are reported in the error log. Clicking the button will take you there right away.

Button 3: Takes you to a download page (an HTML page that will open in your web-browser) where you can download the Pixometry client applications (Photoshop Inspector and Indesign JobClient and this user interface).

Button 4: Takes you to the page where user-accounts and privileges can be setup.

Button 5: Connection settings for the user-interface to be able to connect to your cloud environment. 

Button 6: Takes you to