JobControl node tag definitions

A formal description of all available tags in the XML job ticket JobControl node. JobControl tags allows for exporting an XML job-result-ticket from Pixometry after processing is finished. The exported jobfile contains following information:

ImageName: Name of the processed file.

FolderName: Folder where the processed file resides.

ImageStatus: reflects the status of the processed file: “processed” or “rejected”. Rejected here means that the file could not be processed (for example because the file was corrupt or in an unsupported format).

QualityStatus: reflects the quality status “processed” or “rejected”. Here, rejected means rejected based on Quality Check settings.

WorkflowMethod: reflects the type of workflow that was used: SaveToOutput (automatic flow, no rejection based on quality), SendToInspector (image was send to Inspector), SaveToUnprocessed (image was saved to folder for unprocessed images), NotHandled.

LogInfo: Pixometry log info about the processing of this particular file.


ExportJob (type:boolean, range:true/false, default:false)

If true, a jobfile will be written when processing of a jobticket is finished.

FolderJob (type:string, range:n/a, default:””)

Path to where the export job ticket will be written.

ExportJobName (type:string, range:n/a, default:””)

The file name of the exported job file.

ExportJobOnInspector (type:boolean, range:true/false, default:false)

If true, the jobfile will be exported when the image is sent to Inspector. “ExportJobOnInspector” and “ExportJobAfterInspector” may both be true, in which case an export job ticket will be generated twice.

ExportJobAfterInspector (type:boolean, range:true/false, default:false)

If true, the export jobticket will be written after the file has been approved in Inspector and written to the output folder. “ExportJobOnInspector” and “ExportJobAfterInspector” may both be true, in which case an export job ticket will be generated twice.

SendWithFTPActive (type:boolean, range:true/false, default:false)

If true FTP or SFTP will be used as transfer protocol

FTPTimeOut (type:integer, range: >0, default: 30)

The FTP timeout to use in seconds

UseSFTP (type:boolean, range:true/false, default:false)

If true SFTP will be used

FTPHost (type:string, range:n/a, default:n/a)

Hostname or IP address of the FTP server.

FTPUsername (type:string, range:n/a, default:n/a)

Username for FTP server authentication.

SFTPKeyFile (type:string, range:n/a, default:n/a)

Path to private key. If this tag is defined public key authentication will be used instead of password authentication

FTPPassword (type:string, range:n/a, default:n/a)

Password for FTP server authentication.