Processing CMYK images

Pixometry enhances images in RGB. How to handle CMYK images?

A CMYK image typically represents a ready-to-print image. Enhancing images after CMYK conversion is not best practice. However there can be situations in which you do want to enhance CMYK images. And get better print results because of it.

To enhance CMYK images, Pixometry needs to convert it to the working RGB colorspace. (INPUT CONVERSION). If the image has an embedded profile and the option to use embedded profiles is checked, Pixometry will use the embedded profile as source profile and use that to convert to the working RGB color space. If a profile for color images has been selected in OUTPUT CONVERSION, the image will be converted from the working RGB colorspace to the selected output colorspace. If no profile is selected in OUTPUT CONVERSION, then the image will be converted back to its original colorspace.

If the image does not contain an embedded profile, Pixometry will use the Assumed profile for CMYK images. We suggest to process CMYK images without embedded profile only if you are sure about what the actual color space is.

If you really do need to process CMYK images without embedded profile and uncertain colorspace, then choose identical profiles for Assumed profile for CMYK images and the option “Output ICC profile for color images” in OUTPUT CONVERSION settings.

It is also possible to skip CMYK images or skip CMYK images without embedded profile. See INPUT CONVERSION settings and Routing flows.