Before installation, make sure you have the following. If something is missing, please contact 

Installer. The file name of the installer begins with PixometryAdministrationCloud, followed by a version number and the platform it is for. For instance: 


You should also have a url, that is formed after an email address within your organisation, for example:

A username, which is the email address that the url is formed after, for example:

And a password. You can change your password after the first login.  

Double click the installer to get the installation process started. 

The installation directory, the advice is to choose the default


Accept the license agreement... 


Fill in the URL of your cloud environment. You should have received this information from Pixometry. If not, please contact 

This folder is used by Pixometry to store preferences. 

The installation will proceed, click Finish in the last screen to finalise the installation.


If you want to connect your local network folders to the cloud based channels, you will need to change the logon of the PixometryCloud service if you installed on Windows. This is because the local system account does not have access to your network.