With workflows you can connect local input and output folders to your channels. Channels are like profiles, or a set of settings with which your images are processed in the Pixometry cloud. 

A workflow is simple to setup. In the UI, click the setting wheel, the first of the main navigation buttons in the upper right part of the UI. From the menu that appears on the left side of the UI, choose "Workflows". 

You can then see the workflows that already exist, add a workflow and change the status (from Active to Standby or vice versa). By selecting a workflow in the main area of the UI and clicking "edit" you go to the settings. But this can also be done by double clicking a workflow or clicking on the small arrow inside the workflow to open the settings. 

You can fill in input, output and error folders. In the middle of the screen you can see to which channel this workflow connects, in the screenshot that is the "Default" channel. 

File ready delay

Files should not be picked up from the input folder before they are completely written there. Therefore the file-size is monitored. The file-ready-delay is the time in seconds that the file-size must be stable before the file is picked up for processing. If you are working with large files and network folders, this value might need to be set to a higher level.

Copy original to folder

Make a copy of the original image and save it to the folder you can select here.

Use unique file names on output to avoid overwriting

If a file is to be written to the output folder but a file with the same name already exists there, the file name will get a numbered suffix to avoid overwriting of the file that was already there.