Read here which linux distributions are supported. 

The Pixometry installer for linux is not available for download from the website. Request the installer from 

File: (replace 13.0.0 with the actual current version).

Pixometry uses LittleCMS version 1.19. LCMS 1.19 can be installed by finding, downloading and running these rpm’s:



Or request .deb installers from support.

Place the Pixometry installer and the files in linux-silent-install-files into a folder on the server. You edit the options file. The user must be changed to an existing user on the server. Also you need to edit the to change the paths to the files (first two lines of

You then need to open a terminal, and cd to the folder where the files are.

Then you do:

chmod +x

sudo ./

Check if the Pixometry service is running:

ps -ef |grep pixometry

stop and start service:

cd “/usr/local/Pixometry”

sudo ./pixometry stop

sudo ./pixometry start

Start user-interface:

cd “/usr/local/Pixometry”



download and install clients, including PixometryAdministration, on workstations:



(replace “linux-server-ip” with the actual hostname or ip number and 8443 with the actual port number (https port number is one of the options in the option file)).