Pre-installation check list


Confirm that the server conforms to the system requirements and that your OS is supported.

Make sure that the volume on which you want the input and output folders of the Pixometry workflows (channels) to reside is available and accessible. There must be an operating system account with known credentials that has read and write access to this volume. This account will be used to start the Pixometry service, and credentials must be specified during the installation process. Read more here. 

Make sure you have the correct Pixometry installer available on the server. Downloads are available on, home page.

To install Pixometry, administrative access is required. Make sure you can logon with an appropriate operating system account.

Pixometry is a background process (Windows service, Mac OS X and Linux daemon). It has a build-in https server. The user-interface, Photoshop Inspector and Indesign JobClient plugin all connect to the Pixometry process through a SOAP WebServices interface. By default Pixometry will use port 8443 for this purpose. This can be changed however during installation. Make sure no other processes on the server are using this port-number. Also make sure that a firewall is not blocking this port between the workstations that will run the client applications and the Pixometry server.

Pixometry also uses port 7900 for the shared database to connect to itself and / or other instances in a cluster. Make sure that a firewall is not blocking this port.

Make sure that the appropriate license is available. If Pixometry was downloaded and tested before in your organisation, then you already have an Pixometry account. A license must be made available on this account before you do the installation. If there is no existing Pixometry account, then you must create the account after installation. If this is the case, plan the installation with the Pixometry team so we can provide a license on the newly created account right away.

If there is internet access on the Pixometry server, the license activation process can be done on the Pixometry server. If there is no internet access on the server, the user-interface must be installed and started on a workstation with internet access.

Start the UI on a workstation, connecting to the Pixometry server

Activate the license

If you are using a proxy server in your network to connect to internet, make sure you have the hostname or ip number of that proxy server and the user credentials at hand. They must be specified in the Pixometry user-interface for the connection with the Pixometry license server. The license server is This url must be accessible from the Pixometry user-interface. Please note that it uses https, and that the port for the https protocol is 443. This must not be blocked by a firewall or proxy server.